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     Safety helmets and lifejackets from us!  All the events have to be pre-ordered!  Prices include VAT at 18%.

Due to increased work load special prices may apply to the services during
the national holidays and competitions held by Tori Stud.

Extra charge 20% of the total amount of the booking applies for the services carried out after 7.00 pm.

Rules for booking (starting 01.October 2008) You find here.

Info and reservation:(+372) 5031892info@torihobune.ee;

NB!  Payments only in cash !

NB! Reminder of the visitor of Tori stud.  


Introduction of the Stud (1 up to 5 persons) 150 EEK

Introduction of the Stud (5 up to 20 persons)   30 EEK / person

Introduction of the Stud (20 up to 40 persons)   25 EEK / person

Introduction of the Stud (40 persons and more)   20 EEK / person

Tour in Tori in a carriage (min.price small carriage 400 EEK and large carriage 600 EEK)   80 EEK / person / hour


Riding on horse on the forecourt in case of a large group   15 EEK / person

In a manege (48 X 18 m) on the forecourt 250 EEK / hour

On the landscape 300 EEK / hour

Riding on ponies for children 150 EEK / hour


The prices of carriage rides in Tori (including the riding time and the time we have to wait on „stand-by”) assuming the minimum price of a carriage is full:

1 hour   80 EEK / person

1,5 hours 120 EEK / person

2 hours 160 EEK / person

Over 2 hours Price upon settlement

A circle on the forecourt (in case of a large group) 10 EEK / person


NB! Reminder for the hiker.

On horseback and in a carriage. Possibility to change the riders during the hike. The hike lasts ca. 2-3 hours, the length of the hike is ca. 5 km. Possibility to have a picnic in the nature (extra fee for the picnic food is 75 EEK/per person). 400 EEK / person

On horseback. The hike lasts ca. 2-3 hours, the length of the hike is ca. 5 km. You will ride through historical center of Tori, "Tori Hell", will pass tombstone of stallion Hetman in working horses pasture. You can be totally "green" on riding, we will find you a suitable horse. Possibility to have a picnic in the nature (extra fee for the picnic food is 75 EEK/per person). 550 EEK / person


"Hostler`s trimming program"- Funny and Educational Program in Tori Stud. Program includes: excursion around Tori Stud and historical museum, little "quiz game" and funny competition about horses and horse- stuff, coffee - break a la "stableboy" 100 EEK / person

"Treasure hunt" - The program includes a short carriage ride, excursion in Tori Stud, orienteering on the Stud grounds and coffee and biscuits to end the program. 100 EEK / person

Additional package - Tour of Tori in a carriage, introduction of the Stud and visit to the historical museum, 100 EEK / person

Additional package: canoeing on the river 250 EEK / person

"A Winter fairy-tale" - sleigh rides in the country with tea and hot mulled wine. It is also possible to feed the wildanimals. 100 EEK / person

Summer package - Tour of Tori Stud (Introduction to the Stud, and a visit to the historical museum of old horse tools, riding and driving in a horse drawn carriage in the Stud`s grounds, canoeing on the Pärnu River, followed by dinner on the floating raft 'Holy Smoke". The time taken is approx. 4 hours. (We can also divide the group into two - some will take the tour, riding and carriage-driving in the Stud while the others go canoeing, all meet for dinner together on the raft). 600 EEK / person


Trainer: Marin Varblane. Tel 5590 0782. From Monday to Friday at 6 pm in the manege (48x18m).

Three times a week 1000 EEK / month

Twice a week   800 EEK / month

Once a week   600 EEK / month


Four-horse, double- or single harness for your events (Weddings, funerals, Openings, Birthday celebrations etc.) price agreed


All-year possibility to organize events and special occasions (company events, birthdays, Shrove Tuesday, Valentine`s Day etc.). Price upon settlement

Riding Camps for children (8 days). More info (+372) 503 1892; info@torihobune.ee 3000 EEK

Renting of boxes 3540 EEK / month

Lorry transport for 6 horses     12 EEK / km

Treiler rental for 2 horses   500 EEK / 24 hours